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You will not be able to find Tattoo Friendly® reference for common sports team logos, Disney characters, apparel logos, etc. because artists do not have licensing rights from the copyright holders. Note: Often people want logos or characters to be incorporated into a larger tattoo. If this is the case, it's best to bring in your logo/cartoon reference AS WELL AS Tattoo Friendly® reference for whatever other elements you want in your tattoo.
Tattoos of the written word have continued to grow in popularity (some tattooists specialize in this work, others won't do it at all). Computer fonts / typefaces can be used as reference for tattoos of writing (and many tattooists provide many font samples in their shops). Because writing is basically line art, just about ANY handwriting can also easily be used as tattoo reference (tattooists will simply trace it for their stencils). Tattooists too can oftentimes freehand” more common tattoo writing” styles, but be prepared to tell them you don't like what they've produced if you're not happy with it.
Some computer fonts will need to be modified to work well as a tattoo. If you want a tattooist to freehand” writing for you, best is to find samples of the style (or styles you like (cursive, thug,” Gothic, etc.). TIP: Many designs contain a multitude of words in various writing {} styles, and you can use only the text in these designs as reference of a style you like and not whatever design is included. Many tattooists will be able to take whatever letters are provided in that reference to recreate the missing” letters needed and match that style.
Honestly, most tattooists HATE it when customers bring in photos of other peoples' tattoos as reference (even if told, I want this but make it different). First, a photo of a tattoo is just a lot of extra work to use in design development. When redrawing” the design, they are inevitably going to have to remove” the contours of how the tattoo naturally wraps around the body part (essentially, completely redraw the design). Second, most tattooists don't want other people stealing” tattoos they created in collaboration with their clients, and they are hesitant to steal” the work of other tattooists and their clients.

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